Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Welcome to the Valenzano's Research Group

The Valenzano's research group at ACS National Meeting in Dallas (TX), March 2014. From left to right: Dr. Kapil Adhikari (PhD, Postdoc), Mr. Andy Perla (senior undergrad student), Assistant Prof. Loredana Valenzano (PhD, Group Leader), Mr. Daniel Beegle (senior undergrad student), Mr. Gemechis Degaga (MS, PhD student), Mr. Michael Szatkowski (junior undergrad student), Miss Kathryn Weinand (senior undergrad student).

I am very proud to list the ACS oral presentations representing the major outcomes of my research group's effort in the last year:

  • Andrew PerlaMichael Szatkowski, Loredana Valenzano, Action of a Broad Spectrum Antiviral Medication against Human Herpes: a Quantum Chemical Investigation
  • Daniel Beegle, Kapil Adhikari, Loredana Valenzano, Assembling the Peptidoglycan Bacterial Cell Wall: a Stepwise Quantum Chemical Approach
  • Gemechis Degaga, Loredana Valenzano, Adsorption of Light Hydrocarbons in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Computational Study at Quantum Chemical Level
  • Kapil Adhikari, Kenneth Flurchick, Loredana Valenzano, Mimicking Thermal Effects on Bulk Properties of Molecular Crystal Polymorphs and Cleaving their Surfaces from First Principles
  • Jian Huang (UCLA), Loredana Valenzano, Gaurav Sant (UCLA), Influence of (Mg, Al, Fe) Impurities on triclinic Ca3SiO5: Interpretations from DFT Calculations

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